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Who is Manny Blue?

Manny Blue, is a multi-talented entrepreneur on a mission to change people’s lives. 


He’s been in the entertainment business most of his teenage years and well into adulthood as a performer and recording artist sporting his signature blue spiked hair. 

As he grew as an artist, he also expanded his interests to include Philanthropy, Authorship, Speaking, Acting, Producing, Consulting and Coaching. Although his spiked blue hair has been on a quote-on-quote hiatus and donned a sharp looking suit, he still excites and enthralls his audiences and clients with the flamboyant flair of a consummate artist to motivate and empower them. 

Blue's Journey

Blue’s transformation didn’t come easy. His life is a textbook example of how being an aspiring celebrity isn’t all glamor and glitter, as most people think. Drawing from his personal life experiences: such as the absence of his biological father, growing up in a neighborhood where drug dealing and gang activity was the norm, the lack of resources, etc. Manny Blue believed music was his way out. Although vocally he faced challenges, he push through the obstacles. He lives by the code, "If there is a will, there is a way".


Financially, he endured some pretty rough times that discouraged him to the point where he wanted to give up on life itself.


It was then that he realized that his own mindset towards money and investing needed to change so he could afford to live the life he envisioned for himself and his family instead of struggling to make ends meet between paying gigs. 

In 2019 he founded Blue Legacy Capital, LLC, a company that focuses on helping individuals and families, strategies, and become financially stable, utilizing different financial vehicles to protect their income and assets, overall learn about money matters.


Blue went onto writing and self-publishing his first book, "Little Boy Confidence; How to Build Your Self-Confidence" which opened the doors to a book series being released later in 2022. Recently Manny Blue published "Kids and Finances 101" which helps parents plant the seeds when it comes to financial literacy.  He stated that "the traditional educational system continue to fail our youth and that we must take matters into our own hands".


His greatest passion is to see others succeed and win in life.



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